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2024 Democracy In Action Convening

2024 Democracy In Action Convening
The Second Annual Freedom & Justice Honors Soirée
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What We're About

Mississippi Votes is an organization of intergenerational synergy centering and led by young people invested in the progression of Mississippi. We do this through our programming and outreach strategies that empowers young people, encourages civic engagement, and educates communities on voting rights through place-based grassroots organizing.

For questions or to report problems voting, contact the Voter Information Hotline at 1-833-678-4321. By calling or texting, you agree to receive SMS from MS Votes and MS Votes Action Fund. To unsubscribe from text message alerts, just reply STOP.


Mississippi Votes Suffrage Application's Promotion from the 2024 Legislative Session

Mississippi Votes Reacts to Federal Court Upholding Lifetime Felony Disenfranchisement Law

By Jarrius Adams, Research Associate
July 19, 2024

The Fifth Circuit has fallen short of their duty to Mississippians. Unfortunately, they’ve got this decision all wrong. We know that reasonable minds, including legal scholars, disagree with the courts assessment of this issue because in August 2023 a panel of judges struck down…

Campaign Legal Center Advancing Democracy Through the Law

CLC and Legal Defense Fund Launch New Toolkit to Help Expand In-Person Voting Access in Mississippi

Mannal Haddad
October 10, 2022

For Immediate Release Contact: Mannal Haddad - mhaddad@campaignlegalcenter.​org Legal Defense Fund - September 8, 2022 CLC and Legal Defense Fund Launch New Toolkit to Help Expand In-Person Voting Access in Mississippi WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Campaign Legal…

U.S. Cities Where People Pay the Most in Taxes

Chamber of Commerce
September 12, 2022

Where a person or business chooses to put down roots can have a significant impact on their costs, and in recent years, more people are moving to locations that will keep costs low. Expensive states that have been major economic powers and population centers in the past, like…

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