why we vote

Mississippi Votes is an organization of intergenerational synergy centering and led by young people invested in the progression of Mississippi. We do this through our programming and outreach strategies that empowers young people, encourages civic engagement, and educates communities on voting rights through place-based grassroots organizing.

our vision

Our vision is to cultivate a culture of civic engagement throughout the state of Mississippi.

our values

We value the place, our people and the context of our sacred work that centers the truth of our past to restoratively and regeneratively create a liveable, sustainable and welcoming state for us and our futures.

voter’s word of the day:

Political Action Committee (PAC)

An organization created to raise money in support or opposition of a particular candidate or candidates. A PAC must be registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and may be formed by any group, including businesses, labor unions, and special interest groups. 

We are a nonprofit organization always open to the donations of those individuals who are just as passionate about the importance of voting as we are.

Come out and help create an awareness of the significance of voting in the U.S. and more importantly in the state of MS. Help us to make a positive difference.

Do you have an organization rooted in the values of increasing civic engagement throughout the state of Mississippi? Sponsor an event for Mississippi Votes to host in conjunction with your organization!