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National convention:
The party assembly held every four years at which state delegates from across the country gather to nominate the party's candidates for president and vice-president.

pledge to vote

We are a nonprofit organization always open to the donations of those individuals who are just as passionate about the importance of voting as we are.


Come out and help create an awareness of the significance of voting in the U.S. and more importantly in the state of MS. Help us to make a positive difference.


Do you have an organization rooted in the values of increasing civic engagement throughout the state of Mississippi? Sponsor an event for Mississippi Votes to host in conjunction with your organization!


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Here’s How Young Black Voters Are Fighting Back Against Voter Suppression in Mississippi

Original story posted in The Root While folks around the country are galvanizing today, National Voter Registration Day, to make sure people are eligible to vote come Election Day, here in Mississippi, young black voters are fighting for much more than making sure our names are on the voter rolls. For four straight years, Mississippi [...]

Be a geofence: The story behind the technology that millennial-led Mississippi Votes uses to help more young Mississippians vote

Recently, Mississippi Votes, whose offices sit in the shadow of the Mississippi Capitol and state Supreme Court buildings, has hired a communications staffer but looks to fill more positions.