• We respect and uphold the identities of all people across cultural, gender, sexual, racial and national lines as we believe in justice.
  • We believe in and absolutely support young people and their ability to co-create a meaningful and impactful framework that is driven and led by them.
  • We believe in and absolutely support gender equity in our processes.
  • We oppose oppressive, violent and dehumanizing language and behaviors.
  • We believe that every Mississippian deserves the chance for a quality education, a job that pays a livable wage, decent housing on a safe street, affordable and accessible healthcare, and the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • We believe persistent poverty, particularly among children, is morally abhorrent and fiscally inefficient. Stopping the intergenerational transmission of poverty must be an economic and humanitarian imperative.
  • We believe healthy policymaking processes demands wider engagement in vigorous, data-driven, and constructive public discourse about these and other critical issues facing Mississippians.